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When to sow seed

伊恩lIke many other gardeners,is unsure whether he should sow and transplant in the correct moon 威廉希尔免佣百家乐phase,or sow seeds by the moon 威廉希尔免佣百家乐phase and transplant anytime,或者随时随地播种,在月球上移植。Over many years …Continue reading

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Transplanting Frangipani

Glen,in Melbourne,wants to know the best time to transplant a well-established frangipani tree from a pot to the soil,and should he do anything to the soil.The best time to transplant Frangipani is at the end of …Continue reading

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Rose planting time…

Some nurseries are advertising bare-rooted roses for sale.This is just a reminder to,if possible,avoid purchasing bare-rooted roses before the end of June,as roses that have been lifted before they are fully dormant do not usually grow …Continue reading

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Wollemi Pine

‘Santa' surprised me at Christmas with the gift of a potted Wollemi Pine (Wollemia nobilis).This particular species is an ancient and rare Australian native that was recently discovered.松树的位置一直保密,以防…Continue reading

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Buying seedlings

If possible,purchase seedlings for your garden from your local nursery,rather than from gardening departments of large chain stores.Apart from assisting your local economy,you will find that reputable nurseries only stock seedlings that are suitable for your …Continue reading

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Pruning hibiscus

夏威夷木槿在春天新的生长开始时被修剪。This is because these plants are very sensitive to ‘cold snaps' after pruning,and it is also easier to see just where to prune.在温带地区,leaving …Continue reading

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Spring bulbs

Don't forget to water your spring bulbs regularly while they are in active growth.When flowering has finished,remove spent flower heads,and give them a drink of seaweed extract tea (e.g.Natrakelp).If the bed was well fertilised before …Continue reading

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Frangipani trees do not require regular pruning.If a branch is inconveniently placed,it can be removed during winter while the tree is dormant.Frangipani trees will bleed sap if pruned during a growth period.Do not shorten branches of …Continue reading

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Taking cuttings

满月期是采集岩屑的好威廉希尔免佣百家乐时机,and cuttings can be taken from deciduous plants from hardwood stems,while pruning.总是修剪到用于切割的杆底部的水平切口,…Continue reading

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Winter pruning

A Full Moon 威廉希尔免佣百家乐phase during winter is a good time to prune most deciduous plants.从本月19日开始是修剪休眠树木和藤蔓的好时机,如果迟些修剪,这些树木和藤蔓会流血(流口水)。Continue reading

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