Moving trees and shrubs

Sometimes it is necessary to move an established tree or shrub.每年落叶的植物可以在冬天或早春移动,and evergreen plants in spring.This is best done in two stages if you have to move an evergreen plant,但有时情况会出现,due to weather conditions or moving house where a shrub or tree has to be moved urgently.
This advice is for moving trees and shrubs small enough not to require the assistance of mechanical equipment.

  1. 在你想移动的植物周围挖一条深沟,using a sharp spade to cut through the roots.The trench will usually have to be dug inside the drip-line of the plant,otherwise the root ball will be too large to handle.The drip-line is the area of soil directly below the outer edges of the foliage – where rain runs off the leaf canopy onto the soil.这是通常的饲养根所在地。
  2. Water the area thoroughly,but do not apply fertiliser.Then prune back the foliage,或者如果是弗兰吉帕尼的话,把整个树枝都拔掉。这对补偿较小的根球是必要的,so that the plant will not suffer water stress.
  3. 如果可能的话,leave evergreen plants in position for 威廉希尔真人娱乐场about a month,watering it regularly.This will help the plant to produce some feeder roots within the reduced root ball area.
  4. When ready to move the plant,make sure the soil is damp.Get a large piece of hessian,shadecloth or weed mat and some cord.这有助于在移植过程中保持根球的完整性。A trolley,or tarpaulin or another large piece of strong fabric will help to use as a sled to drag the plant to its new planting position if the plant is too large to lift into a barrow.
  5. 首先,在要放置植物的地方挖一个洞。Fill the hole with water.This is important for two reasons.How quickly the hole drains indicates whether drainage is good or you will need to plant the tree or shrub in a raised mound.If the surrounding soil is not damp when you transplant,种植后的水分将从根球中抽出,进入周围的干燥土壤中。种植几天后植物会看起来很紧张。
  6. Work the spade around the trench dug previously,easing the spade further and further under the root ball until you have cut through all the roots.
  7. Place a clear mark on the north-facing side of the plant so that it will be positioned in the same orientation.
  8. Ease the fabric gently under the root ball.It will be much easier if someone helps by slowly tilting the plant to one side.Gather the fabric around the root ball and tie with cord.
  9. 小心地将植物转移到新的孔中,使其与先前种植的水平面保持一致。解开织物,从根球下面轻轻地将其松开。
  10. Fill the hole with soil,添加一些堆肥,如果有的话。Do not trample the soil around the plant.Water thoroughly to remove any air pockets around the roots,and apply a 5 cm layer of mulch around the plant,从后备箱伸出一只手。Job done.

** Please note: Moving Eucalyptus taller than 45 cm,or other plants that have tap roots is often unsuccessful.

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一个响应Moving trees and shrubs

  1. Eric 说:

    Hey,我们一直在考虑移植在树胶树上发现的一棵鸡蛋花,但由于担心会破坏周围的地下设施,供应商不想挖根球。It's the reason the tree is being removed anyway.How big is too big for a tree to be safely transplanted without the root ball intact?Is it possible to do it?Tree is at least 2m tall and advanced.We are in Brisbane.Thanks.

    Hey Eric,the tree without its root ball would be a large cutting,and it is not the best time of year to take cuttings of frangipani,particularly such a large cutting.当这棵树几乎没有生存的机会时,有人会把它卖掉,这似乎很奇怪。

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