Different time zones

The times for Moon 威廉希尔免佣百家乐phase changes on the right hand panel of this blog are Australian Eastern Standard Time (AEST),which only applies to the east coast of Australia,and the 威廉希尔免佣百家乐phase will change at a different time in central or western Australia,or in other southern hemisphere countries.
As converting AEST to local time zones can be confusing for gardeners,I have added a link to a Time Converter to the Moon Planting widget to make it easier.Just follow the instructions in the Moon Planting widget.

Try it out here:Time Converter

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2 Responses toDifferent time zones

  1. Thanks for sharing… and for the converter link.🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing this info and for the converter link,I was looking for this.It helps a lot.

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