Frangipani trees are tropical plants,你的维多利亚地区对他们来说不是理想的气候,因为一年中大部分时间的最低温度都不够高。生长在适宜气候区以外的植物更容易生病。There can be,在气候区内,受保护区域的小气候,其温度变化不如一般区域的小气候那么剧烈,需要温暖条件的植物可以在这些地方生长——如果你准备在秋天给予它们额外的照顾,winter and spring.

The only variety you could possibly grow is the hardier white Frangipani,and you would need to grow that in a position that is protected from wind,and against a north-facing brick wall where the thermal properties of the bricks keep the air around the plant slightly warmer at night.If you find someone in your area who is successfully growing a white frangipani,and is prepared to give you a cutting,now is the perfect time to take frangipani cuttings.看我关于如何准备的帖子弗兰吉帕尼插条for planting.

Otherwise,I think it might be wiser to choose a different tree that is more suited to the local climate.

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  1. ~曼德!o) 说:

    我听说有几个有机园丁巴拉特和周边地区成功种植香蕉,pineapples and other such delights.今年我们将尝试菠萝(我知道,4-5年的制作过程中,一个成熟的水果可能会出很多问题)。因为我们有一个巨大的西向砖墙,shelter-able from frost and thought ‘why not'.正在寻找合适的上衣…



  2. ronaldeddy 说:


  3. 生态负鼠 说:


    感谢您的投入。这就是博客的目的——共享信息。我不知道粉红色的鸡蛋花要结霜。That should make a lot of readers happy,因为鸡蛋花是很受欢迎的树。-莱恩

  4. amy 说:

    我可怜的弗兰吉帕尼首当其冲!I cut off all the leaves back when it happened but now all the stems are rotten.修剪受影响的茎是否为时已晚?I'll loose a great deal of the tree (each stem is 威廉希尔真人娱乐场about 50 cm long & rotten back to the main branch.

    Amy,正如我在弗朗吉帕尼的另一个帖子里告诉瑞秋的那样,the problem with frangipani trees that develop die-back,如果你沿着树枝修剪一段路,腐朽或枯萎通常会继续,因为它们比木本植物更倾向于属于多汁植物群。处理Frangipani上死角的最好方法是移除整个受影响的树枝,但不要与树干平齐。
    需要在“的分支侧将分支切割干净。颈圈,"它是树干和每个分支开始之间的一条厚厚的组织带。如果你仔细看,你可以看到它的起点和终点。Cutting here allows more mature ‘wood' on the tree to develop scar tissue and seal the cut.If you remove a branch too close to the trunk (and this applies to virtually all trees),伤疤组织的一部分在内部形成——阻碍树液和水流到树的其余部分,导致进一步的死亡。
    Don't lose heart.我最喜欢的一棵弗兰吉帕尼树(我们有十几棵)在强风中折断了,只留下一个不到一米高的树桩,威廉希尔真人娱乐场and it's come back better than ever.
    由于气候变化期间温度可能变得更加极端,I'd put up a canopy to protect your tree and trap warmer air around it through cold winters – but the canopy must be high enough so that it does not to touch the tree or cold can be transferred through the canopy onto the tree.-莱恩

  5. 米歇尔 说:

    我最近得到了一棵新的小花栗树。它带着四片叶子来到我身边,不幸的是负鼠附在上面了。他们拿走了叶子,咀嚼了一半的茎干。I have repotted it and placed it in a sunny position inside.我住在墨尔本市中心。Will the tree survive and is there anything I can do to help it.Thanks.

    哦,天哪,it doesn't sound promising,but it is difficult to tell without a photo.你可以给树喝海藻提取物“茶”(弱红茶的力量)。其中的钾有助于加强细胞壁,帮助从损伤中恢复,但是真正帮助你的树的唯一方法是保护它不受那些讨厌的负鼠的伤害。There is a product named"波斯关有些人认为这是成功的,但它相当昂贵。然而,当你的树在外面的时候,最好的保护方法是找些鸡或鸟的铁丝网,为你的树做一个笼子,直到它恢复过来,并且足够大,可以自卫。如果你想把它放在里面一段时间,记得在晚上把它从窗户玻璃移开,或者在窗户上拉上百叶窗或窗帘,由于夜间热损失会对一些亚热带植物产生严重影响。当把这些植物放在冬季寒冷的地方时,把它们放在砖墙或混凝土墙的北侧,白天墙吸收的热量在夜间缓慢释放。保持植物温暖。

  6. Sarah 说:

    我住在瓦加瓦加,这里很冷,整个冬天我们都有很多霜冻。我有一棵盆栽小花,在整个夏天和秋天,它是一种非常健康的植物,但自从冬天来临,我的叶子就变黄了,一到两片叶子的叶尖都变褐了。I still have one or two green leaves on the plant.I bring the plant inside of a night and when it's miserably freezing during the day keep it inside under the window so it's getting whatever sunlight it can get.我能做什么来帮助我的鸡蛋花树健康。Am i doing the right thing?我不知道。
    Hi Sarah,frangipani are deciduous and before becoming dormant they withdraw nutrients and sugars from the leaves for use in spring.This results in leaves turning yellow,然后变成褐色,从植物上掉下来。如果天气很冷(就像瓦加·瓦加那样),晚上给你的树提供一些保护是个好主意。然而,靠近窗户不是一个好地方,因为透过透明玻璃的冷传导很高。晚上远离窗户,在非常寒冷的日子里,在阳台上或树下的一个翻过来的大罐子的顶部(那里有温暖的空气)。Always keep these warmth-loving plants where cold air can drain away as cold air flows downwards.-莱恩

  7. Jojo 说:

    Just thought you would be interested to know my mother is successfully growing a frangipani in the South Island of NZ.她在北部和沿海,但有风,经常有霜冻,冬天很冷。她还建议,在当地医院附近的街道上有一排非常健康的大型古典弗兰吉帕尼。That area gets regular frost as well and minus temps in winter.我被澳大利亚人警告过,在吉隆,这里可能是边缘地带,那里最多有两层薄雾和一些像样的风,但这里比她的地方暖和多了,我要去…

    The white frangipani is a lot hardier than the coloured ones,如果你喜欢弗朗吉帕尼,绝对值得一试。-莱恩

  8. Margery Harding 说:

    嗨,Lyn,I live in Echuca Victoria,on the border of NSW where we have quite hot summers and some warm winter days.冬天的霜冻很严重。我种下了8个弗兰加帕尼,现在2岁了。有的茎粗叶大,威廉希尔真人娱乐场about 40cm high and others are smaller.Last year something ate the tips off two of them but the good result was two new branches on each.They have been on a table getting morning sun but shaded later in the day.我在房子西北侧的一个封闭的蕨类植物中有两个布宁斯温室,想知道冬天我是否应该把它们放在那里,maybe with a couple of heat lamps burning at night.Do you think that would be a good idea?Would zipping up the plastic door cause too much moisture in the little hothouses?There are some trees in flower here so I am hopeful mine might eventually go outside although I don't have an external north facing brick wall and not sure they would survive in the open garden.如果我明年春天把它们移植到更大的盆栽中,最好的盆栽培养基是什么?我很感谢你的建议,thanks,Marge
    Hi Marge,thanks for all the detail in your comment,这有助于我提供一个合适的答案。对,冬天把它们放在暖房里可能对你的气候有帮助。晚上把它们拉上拉链,白天解开拉链,以便空气流通。
    只要树枝不接触温室的侧面或顶部,晚上就不需要加热灯,封闭的蕨类植物也提供了一些防寒的保护,although a feed bag over the top of the hothouses at night will help insulation.不要让它们过度浇水,因为它们一直休眠到春天。

  9. Margery Harding 说:

    非常感谢你的回复,林。Good to hear I don't need the heat lamps,这样可以节省一些电费!I don't have any feed bags large enough to cover but I do have some wide hessian so think that would be okay to use?Hopefully they will flower next year.Marge


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